How does it work?


Choose one out of two options, by pushing the T-shirt button of your choice. You will see a form. Fill it out and send.




Send the clothes

After sending the form you will get within 24 hours a PostNL label and invoice. Now you can send the clothes.

Get your RE-SHIRT

When we received your clothes, the process will start. We will start designing a T-shirt for you.

Did you choose the option “Surprise me”, then you will get your RE-SHIRT within 14 days.

Did you choose the option “personalized design”, then you will get your RE-SHIRT within 21 days.


Surprise me

Fixed price €120,-

Personalized design

Starting price €175,-


– Embroideries starting from €25,- (Ask for the conditions)

– Consultation videocall (60 min.) €35,-


You will get discount by sending in more items.

3 items 10% discount

4 items 15% discount

5 or more items 20% discount

Please note..

Preferably send jersey garments, like T-shirts, leggings, dresses. If it is a woven fabric, it can only become an oversized T-shirt.