25, Creative

Myrthe works as a Creative for a marketing communication agency. She loves design and fashion. In the course of time she collected a lot of clothes. For Myrthe it was now time to clean out her closet, make some space and get rid of clothes she doesn’t wear. But what do you do with all these clothes?

"What a great way to do something with your old clothes."

Myrthe chose the option “Surprise me”. She sent in a bunch of clothes and got this RE-SHIRT in return. The RE-SHIRT is made of an old black dress and a top in a black and white print. The rest of the clothes that wasn’t used, was sent to the thrift store.

When Myrthe heard about RE-SHIRT, she was super enthusiastic. ” What a great way to do something with you old clothes! I don’t even recognize my clothes anymore.”